What Does Bitcoin Dominance Mean?

As a result, Bitcoin dominance is defined as the ratio of Bitcoin’s market capitalization to that of the other cryptocurrency markets. While Bitcoin was by far the biggest cryptocurrency – and one of the few in existence – for many years, its dominance was considerably closer to 100% than it is now.

Similarly, What is the Bitcoin dominance?

The ratio of Bitcoin’s market capitalization to the overall market capitalization of the whole cryptocurrency market is known as Bitcoin dominance. When we compare this ratio to the Bitcoin trend, we may understand more about the present market environment’s potential.

Also, it is asked, What happens if BTC dominance goes up?

The most essential aspect of Bitcoin Dominance is that it can assist you figure out whether altcoins are trending down or up versus BTC. When BTC Dominance rises, alts lose value in comparison to BTC. When BTC dominance falls, alts gain value in comparison to BTC.


Bitcoin dominance is a measure of the percentage of the market capitalization that Bitcoin has over all other cryptocurrencies. It can be used to judge how much influence Bitcoin has on the cryptocurrency market as a whole and its effect on altcoins.

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Bitcoin dominance means the percentage of bitcoin’s hashing power that is used to mine new bitcoins. The more mining power a coin has, the higher its chances of surviving. Bitcoin currently has over 80% dominance in the cryptocurrency market. Reference: btc dominance meaning in hindi.

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